The authorities plan to recognize white-red-white flag and other national symbols as symbols of extremism; round-ups and arrests of journalists continue; Lukashenko named the impending provocation as a reason for his secret inauguration

29 January 2021 | Voice of Belarus
The image depicts a crossed out inscription “Long live Belarus”.
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The authorities intend to recognize white-red-white flag as symbols of extremism

The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that a collective appeal signed by more than a hundred citizens had been received. These people ask to equate white-red-white flag with symbols of extremism because “during the World War II it has become a symbol of atrocities performed on Belarusian soil”. According to the information received from several sources, the appeal was made by activists of pro-Russian organizations and initiatives. In addition to the flag, the Prosecutor General’s Office wants to achieve the recognition of “other” symbols as extreme. The specific symbols are not discussed.

According to political scientist Artyom Shraibman, “now white-red-white flag is becoming a sacred symbol, a forbidden fruit, something that will be painted on the walls at night, kept in secluded corners, and everyone is increasingly getting emotionally attached to this symbol”.

And Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is sure that “Lukashenko needs to understand that banning the symbols will not change anything in people’s minds”.

Source: TUT.BY

Lukashenko visited the main university of the country to talk about the reasons for his secret inauguration

Lukashenko arrived at the Belarusian State University to meet with teachers and students. He said that during his inauguration somebody had been preparing to stage a provocation and throw a Molotov cocktail at the bus with the government officials. So he “did what he could”. 

He also stated that “one does not become a president but rather is born a president”. He also spoke about the sanctions. “They do not appreciate the independent energy policy stance Belarus has. How dare we build our own nuclear power plant. Of course, it is much more appealing to use our country as a market for their own electricity and other goods. In addition, the European nation is rapidly aging and there is almost no one there to teach and work in medical field, agriculture and other industries,” said Lukashenko.

On the eve of Lukashenko’s arrival at the Belarusian State University, three teachers of this university have been detained.

Source: t.me/belarusseichas

Lithuania to seek expansion of EU sanctions on Belarus

At the meeting with Tsikhanouskaya the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Ingrida Simonyte, assured that Lithuania would continue to advocate for the expansion of EU sanctions on Belarus. “It is not the Belarusians who are fighting for freedom and the fundamental right to decide their own fate who are the opposition, but rather the bloody regime of Lukashenko has long turned into an opposition in the minds of the country’s citizens,” emphasized the Lithuanian politician.

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“There is already a whole group of lobbyists in Brussels trying to get Lukashenko’s ‘wallets’ not included in the sanction lists”

The head of the Belarusian Free Theater, Nicolai Khalezin, using his sources in Brussels, found out who had contributed to the removal of the names of “Lukashenko’s wallets” from the third package of EU sanctions on Belarus.

According to him, when the sanctions lists were being finalized right in the EU, the German delegation insisted on removing previously included Mikhail Gutserieu, and Aliaksei Aleksin was deleted at the very last moment at the request of the Latvian delegation.

“Now the fourth round of sanctions is underway. And in Brussels there has already appeared an unprecedentedly large group of lobbyists who are trying to exclude the Lukashenko’s ‘wallets’. And the monetary rewards for their work are defined as ‘indecent’,” said Khalezin.

Nikolai Khalezin.
Source: m.day.kyiv.ua

Two editorial offices in Hrodna were searched, a TUT.BY journalist was detained

A TUT.BY correspondent, Nadzeya Kalinina, tried to get to the congress of delegates of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly, but she was detained for “documents’ verification”. Then Nadzeya was taken to the police station where a protocol was drawn up and she was taken to Akrestsina.

Searches were carried out in two editorial offices in Hrodna (Hrodna.life and NewGrodno.by). All equipment was seized.

Nadzeya Kalinina.
Source: TUT.BY

The Belarusian representative of LIQUI MOLY terminated the contract with the oil manufacturer

The Belarusian company OBK, the representative of LIQUI MOLY in Belarus, has ceased the cooperation with the brand. The reason is the refusal of LIQUI MOLY to sponsor the 2021 World Hockey Championship in Minsk. “The politicized statement of this commercial organization makes it impossible for our further cooperation for reasons that are completely obvious to all,” commented OBK.

Source: t.me/tutby_official

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